Polaroid iD879 Review – Compact Personal Camcorder

Polaroid iD879-3 This hot little red camcorder has come in handy for me. Comfort wise, it has been easy enough to hold. The hand strap is comfortable and adjustable. The lense cap easily detaches when ready to shoot. Size wise it is small and light enough to fit in a purse on the go.  Also very helpful is the dual memory card slots. There are both SD and micro SD card slots. For a vacation that would definitely be convenient, as opposed to swapping out memory cards when it screams “memory full”. Protection wise, the folding viewfinder helps protect your manual buttons, and speaker from damage, especially for those of us who forget to grab the protective case.
Main features of the Polaroid id879 camcorder are Full HD 1080p, 16 MegaPixels, plus 5x Zoom. It also has both slow motion and motion detection. I haven’t seen a difference on the motion detection quite yet, but I will keep you posted. For slow motion, while watching a video you can simply press a motion button (little running man).
In order to change shooting mode between camera, video, or voice recording, you can use either the 3″ LCD touch screen, or from the manual buttons. I think an actual home screen button would be helpful, to access from any menu screen. Instead you use the back button screen by screen to get back to the main menu. Sound quality is good but not in crowded settings with lots of interference. You should upgrade your microphone for that.
The video quality seems solid enough for every day use. I have already successfully used it to record recent reviews. Pictures however, I wouldn’t rely on this model as your main camera. That didn’t both me much, as most pictures these days are taken from smartphones. Aside from that,  I would definitely  recommend for those looking for a quality camcorder, but not for high-tech professional use.