Podcasts: download, import, and listen in more places!

Podcasts: Now With Less Beta!

Who’s Down With OP… ML?

It was just two short months ago that we first announced Podcasts in Plex and we’re back to officially take it out of beta and announce a few highly-requested additions!

Offline support: No connectivity in your beach cabaña/ski chalet? No problem. It’s a piece of keto-cake to configure your favorite podcasts for offline listening. You can download single episodes with a single tap or set up a smart rule to make sure you have enough Joe Rogan to make it through that long flight to some country without an extradition treaty. We’re not judging.

Come to the Plex Side: It’s now super easy to migrate your existing list of podcasts over to Plex, using our OPML (it’s pronounced “op-mul”) import feature (available on iOS, Android, or the web). There’s a pretty good chance your ex-favorite podcast app lets you export your feeds in this format, and you can now import them all into Plex in a single bound. Give it a shot!

Everywhere you are: Well, maybe not everywhere, but you can now enjoy podcasts on those sweet-sounding Sonos speakers! And in the car—safely—with Android Auto! And you can now easily cast them to any Chromecast enabled device!

We hope you continue to enjoy having access to all this great content inside Plex as much as we are! And in dog news, Barkley is considering starting his own Podcast called “Things The Humans Put on Me For Their Amusement”

Sorry Barkley, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ is not suitable for children or dogs!