PNY ThinkSafe Portable MacBook Locking system

PNY ThinkSafe MacBook Portable Locking System-1 ThinkSafe Portable MacBook Locking System by PNY safely secures your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro with retina display, or IMac via your device’s hinge or built-in slot. The patented hinge-locking and patent-pending slot-locking designs utilize Hinge-Link and Slot-Link technology, providing a secure and universal fit. Plus, the factory installed 4-digit combination code grants the ultimate in security. Clean & convenient out-of-the-way locking solution. Does not obstruct ports on the side of your MacBook , plus the patented hinge locking design provides the only solution available to lock your MacBook Air and the ability to lock the MacBook Pro with Retina display

How to use it

Link It: insert the appropriate Hinge-Link through the laptop hinge.

Loop It: loop the cable around a secure location point.

Lock It: connect the lock to the Hinge-Link. PNY’s ThinkSafe Portable MacBook Locking System provides protection and peace of mind whether your laptop is open or closed.