PNY PRO Elite 64GB U3 SDXC Review


This is my first time experiencing a PNY SD card and it works like it advertised. I started out with SanDisk because they are very reliable (and they still are). Then I took a leap of faith and tried out Transcend cards. Which also works great, so far I have no issues with it yet. Now come the PNY SD card.

If you’re a regular user that occasionally take photos and videos of friends and families, special occasions, and vacations then this PNY SD card can easily handle it.

But this is for the “Pro” and with it’s Read and Write speeds, it does very well. I can honestly say it transfer files faster than my Transcend card which is only 60 MB/s write speed compared to the PNY 90 MB/s write speed. If you have a GH4 like I do then I can tell you the 4K works completely fine with the PNY SD card. I recorded a 40 minute 4K video and it worked fine.

I would say this card is more on the pricy side (up there with SanDisk) so if want or need the performance then go for it. But if you don’t care about the speed and rather have a SD card with more storage for about the same price then you can look somewhere else.

Overall this is a good SD card that offers not only great Read and Write speeds but it is also durable with it’s Magnet Proof, Shock Proof, X-Ray Proof, Temperature Proof and Waterproof as it’s safety net.