Playboy Kandyland 2011 Experience


What you’re about to see are photos and videos from my trip to the 7th annual Kandyland Party at the Playboy Mansion on June 25th.

So you’re probably asking yourself, “How does someone from Booredatwork get invited to a Playboy Mansion party?”  Well, that’s simple, have a good friend whose sister is one of the more famous Playmates.  Now you’re going to have to figure out which Playmate on your own. And take my word for it, she’s hot!

So…a handful of us flew out from Boston to LA for a long party weekend with the high point being the Kandyland party.


What is Kandyland you ask?  Well think of it as hundreds of the hottest women around scantily clad in candy-themed lingerie and clothing all trying to out do each other in a candy decorated Playboy Mansion .  It’s six hours of top shelf open bar and food and pretty much anything goes.

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So…in order to get to the Playboy Mansion , all guests have to meet up at a central location in Beverly Hills .  Once you check in, you receive a radio-ID wristband and board shuttle buses to and from the Mansion.  You arrive at the front door where you’re just blown away.  It’s just like you’ve seen on TV.  A beautiful hostess greets you and sets you on your way.  To the right there’s a vendors sales tent where you can purchase clothing, jewelry, etc.  I kind of forgot this part once I entered the party and started drinking.



To the left is your entrance to Kandyland, an Alice in Wonderland/Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory experience with painted beauties from Pinnacle Vodka and Oompa Loompas.  Once you get through this maze, you enter the large main tent where the cabanas, the dancing-girls, the dj’s, etc. are.  This area easily holds 500+ people.  Next to the tent are the Barbie Booth, the pool, the infamous grotto, and more bars where food and drink is served.  Passed apps are served almost immediately whereupon the food buffet is set up.  The food was very tasty.  Later they served candy, go figure.  The top of the grotto is set up in lights and lollipops. It’s beautiful!  The grotto itself is much larger than I imagined with a side area that by the end of the night became the smokers lounge (and I don’t mean tobacco).

I almost forgot to mention the women; friendly, beautiful, and plentiful.  And I mean Southern California beautiful.  There are so many that it’s mind boggling.  There are also some celebrities from past and present wandering around.  You’ll see me in photos with Corey Feldman and Jake from ABC’s The Bachelor.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Keith and Marston Hefner, brother and twin son of Hugh Hefner.  Both men couldn’t have been nicer to me.  True Gentlemen.

In all, it was an excellent event one in which I wish to revisit next year.  The six hours I spent there passed by like it was 15 minutes.

The folks at the Playboy Mansion know how to throw a party!