Plantronics Marque Bluetooth Headset Review

The Plantronics Marquee (M155) was Build with the smartphone user in mind. Why Because our smartphones are not on our ears but right in front of our eyes. This small and efficient Bluetooth headset takes hands free to a different level. First of the the Plantronics Marque is built small, sleek and stylish, it comes with 3 different ear pieces to fit any ear drum type. It has a simple 3 button lay out, with a call answer button, volume toggles and and on/off switch. The Marque chargers via micro USB.

The cool thing  about the Marque is the app that comes with it, either on iOS or Android, it allows you to easily pair your device with voice prompt instructions. Also you can answer your calls by either saying Answer or ignore, and that features works fairly well. The next question is how is the overall sound quality. Answer Crustal clear. I mean  it sounds like the person is next to you talk, with no distortions. it is clear crisp sound all the way.  You can also stream music, podcasts, internet radio, GPS directions through the headset and Plantronics has the Vocalyst service lets you use your voice to manage emails, texts and update Facebook® or Twitter®

In all you really can’t go wrong with the Plantronics Marque. It truly is a hands free experience on a Bluetooth headset that delivers clean clear sound in everyway.



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