Plantronics GameCom Commander Review- Best Gaming Headset on the Market!!!

SAM_1610 When it comes to game head-gear, sound is king. Gamers want  the best audio for their headset to help give the field of realistic sound and they also want to be heard with the best clarity of their mics. To that end I introduce you to the Plantronics GameCom Commander.- the best gaming headset currently on the market. The GameCom Commander headset is one of the most important weapons in the gamer’s arsenal, engineered in the long-standing tradition of our headsets for astronauts, pilots, military, emergency workers, and others on the frontline. Keep your headset safe with a sturdy travel case for storage or display.

Design-wise the GameCom Commander looks like head-gear you would find on the ground crew of an aircraft carrier before an F-14 Tomcat takes flight, and for good reason it is designed that way. The Plantronics Game Com Commander’s ruggedized Ear cup is design with “Hostile Noise Environment” Isolation. Which reduces the background noise by 85% – Approx. 20dband reduce transmit background noise by Approx. 80% – 18db. In plain English, all you hear is the gameplay and its sound glorious. Gun fire sounds realistic and intense, you get the feeling like bullets a whizzing past you. N The noise cancelling Microphone, is a full spectrum stereo with Dolby 7.1 USB Adapter (Dolby® Pro Logic® IIx and Dolby Headphone technologies for a realistic 7.1 experience; that provides one of the clear audio mic I have use for a gaming headset.

The quick Disconnect adapters let you switch for use with smartphones and tablets and enjoy the same awesome sound quality produced by the Plantronics GameCom Commander. I don’t think I can stress enough how awesome the sound quality is for the GameCom Commander. Which I feel is the best gaming headset on the market. Now you may ask, doesn’t that look and feel heavy?  Answer-No, it’s a light set, well not super light but lighter than it appears and it is still very comfortable. But the audio-fidelity you get from these headset are second to none. So if you  consider yourself to be a serious gamer and take your audio seriously. Pick these up. They are a limited edition and may be gone very soon. and I full recommend them.