Philips in-Ear Headphones Comfort Plus SHE9750 Review


The Philips Comfort plus SHE9750  in-ear headphones are created with gel housing, with the design philosophy specifically geared with comfort in mind,these headphones have a gel body that molds gently to the shape of your ear-shell. The Angled Acoustic Pipe design delivers precision directed sound with a perfect seal so you experience pure sound immersion, delivering the same quality sound at lower volume and a longer battery life. The speaker driver is made of a highly sensitive yet powerful element that enables superior power output, delivers high-fidelity sound without any audible distortion. The ultra soft rubber material on the interchangeable rubber caps are sensational to the touch and adapt effortlessly to your ear for optimal fit. So after all that spill, How good are they? Its good good clean sound, that is clear and crisp, very solid mid range sound and some good bass. for what you are paying for it is spectacular and I definitely recommend them.


  • Philips in-Ear Headphones Comfort Plus SHE9750/28 (replaces SHE9700/27)
  • Gel body headphones for best in comfort Super soft rubber caps for sensational comfort Ergonomics in-ear design for the best comfort and snug fit
  • Angled Acoustic Pipe channels directional and precise sound Exceptional noise isolation for quality sound at low volume
  • High performance speakers deliver booming sound and power
  • Carrying case protects your headphone when not in use 3 interchangeable rubber ear caps for optimal fit in all ear
  • Angled Acoustic Pipe Channels Directional & Precise Sound
  • Ergonomic In-Ear Design For The Comfort & Snug Fit
  • Exceptional Noise Isolation For Quality Sound At Low Volume
  • Gel Body & Super Soft Rubber Caps For Comfort