Philips Fidelio Premium SoundBar Home Theater Review

Philips Fidelio Premium SoundBar (11) Setting up the Philips Fidelio Premium 210w Sound bar with detachable speakers is quite deceiving – it is simple plug and play, turn it on and go.  As a sound bar, it sounds good.  You play with the Bass, the treble, and adjust it for your preference, then sit back and relax, enjoying the full sound of just the bar.

Until you detach the side and make it 3.1 surround (with implied 5.1).

It really warms you then – the surround sound of watching a film with it is intense.  Our first film with it was Transformers: Dark of the Moon – and we were impressed by the Fidelio, once the bass and treble were adjusted properly.   It took some adjusting with the satellite speakers to get them proper for all listeners but – once all was set, it was sound immersion.  The sound quality is crisp, clear and warm, with true highs and solid lows.  The bass comes from a tower, and will need a power supply to work.  However, it will give you a throaty, deep rumble that shakes your feet, and powers the sound.

The satellite speakers have a life of about 4 hours – so they will need to be plugged back into the sound bar to charge.  We found doing this overnight ensures they are ready for the next days use when you are ready.

With a price point of $700, it might be out of some peoples budget when it comes to a sound bar.  However with the ease of use, impressive surround sound, and a simplistic, stylish design – it might be well worth (for some) to shop around and see if you can find this unit on sale.  When all is said and done – you cannot help but be truly happy with the results of the Fidelio 210w from Phillips.