PDP AFTERGLOW AX.1 Xbox 360 Controller Review

IMAG0204[ad#ad-1]The AFTERGLOW family of controllers breaks new ground in form, features, and radiant aesthetics, delivering gamers an experience sure to have them glowing. The appearance of the AFTERGLOW controllers is defined by clear a polycarbonate body plastic, within which red, blue, or green circuit boards and components reside. Amplifying the theme, multitudes of LEDs within the controllers glow, matching the circuit board color. The result is a truly vibrant glow in both light and dark gaming situations. The AFTERGLOW AX.1 for the Xbox 360 is officially licensed by Microsoft so it features the proven ergonomic design of an official Xbox 360 controller.

The controller feels like  the standard Xbox 360 controller, both in weight and feel. Button layout is the same with the only difference being the placement of the start and select buttons at the top corners of the controller. At the bottom of the controller is the afterglow button which thankfully allows user to turn the LED settings to: on, off, or vibration (activates when controller rumble motors spin). Overall I like the controller, its got a solid feel, the  afterglow lights work well and feels like a solid Xbox 360 controller.



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