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PAX EAST 2010:Hudson Entertainment


Hudson came to PAX EAST 2010 in order to give gamers a taste of the recent game offerings, which titles like Military Madness, Rooms Wii & DS, The Calling, Deca Sports 2 and Play First Dinner Dash. Here is a Sample of what Hudson Had to offer

Military Madness Wii

Military Madness from the TurboGarph 16 fame is making a coming back to the Wii, this turn base strategy games will be available on the Wiiware for $10. The game is simple to control which is a plus. Means anyone can play. So it all boils down to strategy

SDC10724 SDC10723

Rooms Wii

Rooms is a very interesting game for the Wii and also the DS. Using the base principle of the Simon puzzle, rooms aims to deliver a gaming experience that takes that sometime  annoying simon puzzle fun.


Rooms DS

SDC10717 SDC10718 SDC10719


The Calling is a Japanese game in the same vein as the movie the ring. IN this Wii title you are not armed with guns, grenades, rocket launchers. But object you find that may prove useful throughout your journey within the game. The game use the Wiimote features well, for instance using the Wiimote speaker to answer phone calls in the game.

SDC10721 SDC10722

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