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PAX EAST 2010: TRITTON & Gunnar Booth Tour


Tritton was at PAX EAST 2010 in Boston, MA in full force. Showcase their numerous headsets as well as their new line of gaming eyewear co-produced with Gunnar.  Which aids the gaming experience by allowing the user (in this case game) view their TV or monitor through a pair of stylish glasses that makes view and gaming much easier on the eyes( Yes the are cool and yes the may help you view but, if you can’t aim in COD4 MW2. Sorry can’t cure that). Video below******

This year Tritton came to PAX EAST to show appreciation to the game, and their booth was fully dedicated in that fashion. With gaming kiosk of 360’s and PS3 with an on going tournament of COD4 MW2 with prizes to booth. Also had other prize wining contest, were you matched stickers which you get at the booth ( ALA finding the matching Gunnar sticker to the Tritton sticker) and if they match you win a prize there to.

SDC10734 SDC10733

SDC10727 SDC10736

Also had pro gamer Prodigy X spinning some solid tunes of DJ hero( Seriously if you know what your doing you can really hit some tracks on that game), and yes it was rocking.

SDC10725 SDC10728

SDC10738 SDC10730

In all Tritton & Gunnar came to giving games what the wanted and what they intended to deliver, A better gaming experience that is fun. As the saying goes if you build it they will come. Same can be said her;, if its fun and enjoyable, they will come.

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