Paper by Fifty Three App Review

IMG_0009[ad#ad-1]We all remember the Microsoft Courier project, that we all hoped and dreamed would come to life, but alas the lack of email sent that into the pits of Tartarus. Well it lives again within a cool new iPad App called Paper; which is  available via free download through the App store. Paper is a well styled sketch book that has the artist in mind. The App enables users  capture mental light bulbs as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings before sharing them across the web

Though the App is free, there are some essential downloadable contents that have been cleverly added to the app, with $1.99 purchase per brush for the 4 other brushes that come with the app or $7.99 for the four pack. A very ingenious way of getting the app out there and building revenue on it. it s a simple app to use, with your finger or a stylus and one I recommend you to check out. Lets hope it makes its way to other platform for more to enjoy


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