Outdoor Tech Private Bluetooth Headphone Review & Giveaway

Outdoor tecch Privates (2) Upon receiving the Privates from Outdoor Tech, I almost dismissed them.  A pair of smallish leather on-ear cones held together with a little bit of canvas and metal?  It hardly looks like the bastion of comfort and sound… But they are Bluetooth – lets give them a fair shake, their day in the sun, and see how they fair. This is exactly why my mother told me to never judge a book by its cover!  While not the deepest of bass (but none the less solid) nor the highest of treble (it can hold its own) the clarity and rich mids give you a glowing warmth you get from wired headphones that cost nearly 50% more.  And with the music, it only covers ½ of what the Privates were designed to do.

I tested these on a call with my hard of hearing father.  For the first time in many years, we held a conversation on cell phones without him either shooting at me (because he thinks everyone is hard of hearing too) or asking me to repeat myself.  I asked him how the call sounded – he told me for the first time everything sounded crystal clear, and that “his phone must have gotten a really good connection”.  I chuckled, and used them for every call since then.

But the call features are the finest part.  With these being able to stream music via Bluetooth from your device of choice – you can adjust volume and change songs with a simple swipe of your hand across the right ear cup (up and down for volume, back and forth to forward music).  With a 10-hour battery life, it does have staying power; however, do not fret if your battery dies – it comes with a chorded 3.5mm adapter so you can continue listening and talking. 

Currently, there are no Bluetooth headphones in the $99 price range – except for the Privates.  With that, you get a solid sound, superior call quality, and adaptive headphones made by a company (Outdoor Tech) that focuses on style, functionality, and durability.  And now – we have a pair of privates on our headphone wall at the Booredatwork universe.

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