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Opera Mini 5 Browser for Android Review


Opera released the latest version of their Opera Mini-“Opera Mini 5 Beta” browser for Android smart phones yesterday. Opera is know for have a speedy browser on desktop. Practically I think its the fastest on the market ( seriously though, what do I know). Today we will take a good look at the browser and put it through some paces. Ease of use? How fast is the browser? Is it a worthy replacement to the Stock Android Browser. These and more, are some of the thing we will be looking at in the review

Video Review


  • Fast browsing experience( much faster than Stock browser on Android 1.5 & 1.6)
  • Opera link ( Ability to transfer you bookmarks & setting from your Opera  Desktop browser to your mobile browser)
  • Clean Accessible layout
  • Detailed history page


  • Each time you fresh start/launch the app it has to load
  • Can eat up memory ( especially on G1)


App can be used on Android 1.5 and up

Settings and Menus

Snapshot(44) Snapshot(47)

Tab Browsing and Download Management

Snapshot(49) Snapshot(48)

Renders Full Pages

Snapshot(50) Snapshot(45)


The Opera Mini5 browser provides a better browsing experience, than what you would receive from your stock Android browser. Its fast smooth and user friendly.  Though I would like to see less of a loading process each time you start up the app. It has now become my standard browser and I think its definitely worth using

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