OM Audio Mantra Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Om Audio Mantra (4) There is a certain quality I look for in speakers for myself; I qualify that in 2 ways – Quality of the construction, and the quality of the sound. The first moment I touched the Mantra while at showstoppers in Las Vegas, I knew that I had something special in my hands; It wasn’t until I got back to the BooredAtWork office that I realized how special the Mantra really is.

When I first opened the Mantra box, a whiff of the rich wood used in constructing floated out; combining this with the heft of such a small speaker, it was a bit surprising to feel how solid and heavy a 3 and ½ inch tall speaker could be. I paused to relish in this for a moment before syncing them with my laptop, to give the sound a test; that is when I caught myself, a few minute later basking in the warmth of stereo surround sound.

As a price point, the Mantras are sold separately at a price point of $100 – But the $200 investment goes much, much farther then that price. The lows are true lows, without a single snap or fizzle; the highs are pure and balances without being overpowering. All of this is drawn together with a mid that makes your music sound as pure and balanced as studio quality sound.

To me – this is the definition of purity. And having spoken to the Co-Founder of Om Audio, Devon, extensively – I am well aware of the pride they take in creating the best sound with the finest of materials. The quality, and the sound that the Mantras create is something you would find is speakers twice as expensive, and twice the size. Even with those factors – I have not experienced a pair of speakers that can beat these. Pound for pound, they are by far the finest speakers to have ever graced my desk. From here on out, they will be fixtures on my desk – the Mantras are now my speakers of choice.