Offical Google Nexus One Sold Directlyby Google (Jan 5th)… Android Event Sameday

Looks like Google is definetly trying to set a standard for all android devices to follow. Odering begins at 9am on Jan 5th via Google (presume through Google check out. Seem some of the things we discussed in the Tech Shout Out about the Nexus one are coming to light. Tmobile is exxpected to be provideding 3G support for the Nexus one.Via BGR, Tmonews

Interesting. It looks like Google won’t be entirely shaking up any wireless industries at the present time, but it will be pushing forward with its own “flagship” device by selling it directly to consumers. While our connect’s internal T-Mobile photo is rather small, we’ve broken down the text for you:

Google, with support from T-Mobile, is scheduled to launch a new Android device in early January. The Google Android phone will be sold directly by Google via the Web.

Support for the device including troubleshooting and exchanges will be managed by Google and HTC. T-Mobile will offer service support including billing, coverage, features, and rate plans. Additional details Streamline content regarding the launch of Google’s Android phone will be coming in early January.

So… Google is simply selling the phone directly for now, as rumored, and T-Mobile will “officially” support it, even though they practically do the same for any unlocked handset on their network. Google and HTC will be fielding support calls from users, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. Unless this is only the Android Development 3 phone. But it’s not just that. And T-Mobile could possibly subsidize it in or around March.

Also from BGR , Google is host an Android event Jan 5th rigth before CES, which aids the rumors of a Jan launch of the Nexus one