NVIDIA’s Project Shield: Burn Zombie Burn

ps3-burn-zombie-burn-1225118760-13 Picture this: the world as we know it has been compromised by a massive zombie infestation. It’s your job to defeat a seemingly never-ending gang of the undead. Sounds simple enough? Here’s the catch: that wicked zombie barbequing flamethrower could be your ultimate demise.

Burn Zombie Burn! by Tick Tock Games blazes onto the mobile scene for the first time, powered by Tegra 4.

This former PS3-only game puts the same graphics and fast-paced action on Tegra 4, and will have you mowing down zombies faster than Rick and Carl on The Walking Dead.

Is a flame-thrower not your thing? Don’t worry, you’ll have a slew of weapons at your disposal to put the flesh-eaters out of their misery.

Take the risk and be rewarded in this zombie-scorching game on Project SHIELD. Tegra 4-specific enhancements include: full console-quality graphics, light bloom, better fire and flame effects and improved explosions.

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– See more at: http://blogs.nvidia.com/2013/02/zombie-grillin-project-shield/#sthash.hZsFbWH8.P1FStDc1.dpuf