NUU Mobile X4 Review

If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will soon be hearing more about NUU Mobile. The first time I’d heard of them was stumbling across their booth at Consumer Electronics Show this year. First impressions mean a lot to me, and I got a great feeling from these folks. They got down to business and told me what matters most. Their mission seems fairly simply, make unlocked phones without losing capability, and make them affordable! Gone are the days of freebie phones left and right. Upgrade restrictions and wireless changes have given many a reality check on the actual cost of smartphones, yet we are so much more reliant on them than ever before. NUU mobile brings us solid Android devices without breaking the bank. Since their devices are built in their own factories, they can support their 2 year limited device warranty and fast IT support.
The first NUU device I got my hands on is the X4. The X4 is an unlocked quad band LTE GSM device running on Android Lollipop OS, soon to be Marshmallow OS. The two sim capability has to be one of the biggest advantages of this device. With two micro sims for LTE and GSM, you can travel globally without having to carry two devices. The X4 is a solid device, made with a zinc-aluminum alloy casing. The back battery cover is a glossy finish with curved sides, making it easy to hold. It comes in Black and White, simple but not cheap looking. As it comes loaded with the stock Android OS, to be honest it is so refreshing not to see all of the miscellaneous joint venture apps filling up space. It may not have high-profile smartphone features such as pedometer, fingerprint ID, but it does all of the bells and whistles of Google Mobile Services.
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-Mediatek quad-core processor
-13MP rear camera 5mp front camera
-Dual LTE micro sims
-16GB memory and expandable memory up to 32GB
-Android Lollipop OS
-Included accessories – earbuds, microfiber cloth, screen protector, charger and USB cable
It is mid-range price wise among their smartphones, at $169.99. Their other models range between $99.99 to $299.99. Is this your smartphone everyone is going to run out and wait in line for? No, this is a more no-nonsense, reliable and perfectly capable smartphone. They have great promotions on their matching accessories. Check them out at