Noteslate, a whole different type of Tablet

NoteSlate BASIC

Retailing for just $99 and coming out in June 2011, this cool e-ink tablet aims to do one thing specifically well.  Be a digital paper, that also plays mp3s, with a 180hr battery life (3 weeks), weighs only 280g. This might be vaporware but we do how it comes out in June.


REAL PAPER look design

– ONE COLOR display

– ONE TOUCH ability just with pen / eraser

– 210x310x6mm thin body

– 13 inch matte monochrome eInk display

– 190x270mm active display, 750x1080pixels

– 180 hours battery life (almost 3 weeks of daily work !)

– 280 g weight !

– basic inputs: pen with eraser, USB mini, SD Card, Jack 3.5 mm, AC/DC 12V

– Wi-Fi module on request with order (no added charge (!)

– no web browsing !

– end price $99

– ONE POINT OF SALE – NoteSlate online e-store