Nokia Power Keyboard Review

Nokia Power Keyboard-1 The Nokia Power Keyboard is a great accessory to go with the Lumia 2520. It retails for $149 and has a very sleek and stylish look to it. the . Offering up to five extra hours of battery life and two built-in USB ports, the  makes battery life worries a thing of the past. A protective and wraparound cover, the  includes a fully functional keypad with gesture trackpad, so typing feels as natural as on a laptop. Which it does with the keys for the most part, but the trackpad is located on the flap of the power keyboard cover so it feel flimpsy and some times ineffective.  I also wish the keyboard was backlit especially for night use.

Overall the Nokia Power keyboard, extends the already stellar battery life of the Lumia 2520 to great lengths and ads a sleek look as a folio case for it with style

  • Extends tablet battery life
  • Folds into a carrying case
  • sleek design
  • addition USB 2.0 ports
  • (Trackpad is useable at best)
  • (Not a backlit keyboard)