Nokia Play 360 Wireless Speaker Review

IMAG0714 The Nokia Wireless Play 360 speakers is a clear reason why I like Nokia as a company. For them its all about innovation and pushing the envelope. This wireless speaker delivers clear 360-degree sound – from high treble to  bass tones. Pair with another Nokia Play 360° to enjoy your music in truly wireless stereo sound. Which is great as long as you purchase another. The speakers are solid as a single unit. you can connect to any device wirelessly through Bluetooth or plug the included cable into a 3.5 mm audio jack for some very rich clear audio. And if your phone supports NFC, simply tap it on the speaker to pair instantly. No cables necessary, its got a 20hr battery charge( Yes we tested it) with a long-lasting rechargeable battery and Bluetooth stereo support. The Box contents come with a line cable, micro-USB cables of charging and a soft car case. Which actually comes in very handy.

Design wise, this is a well crafted speaker system with a cylindrical shape that aids to the upward facing speaker that pushes sound in a 360 degree fashion up and around. A brushed metal finish all around the, creates a simple and elegant look to the Play 360 speaker. The volume controls are located close to the top of the device between the Nokia logo. with the Bluetooth sync button located at the bottom.  The power and stereo speaker pairing buttons are located at the back with the micro-USB port for charging and the 3.5mm line-in jack.

Sound Quality?

These are a great little speakers, you get very clear clean sound, the Nokia Play 360° speaker produces an omnidirectional soundstage that fills your surroundings in every direction. There isn’t a lot of heavy bass but it can be heard well on the system. Pair is easy and as you can see on the video and the instructions provided it is a very simple task. The only issue I had, was with NFC on Android devices, which recognized the speakers but I couldn’t get it to connect.  Overall I really  have no gripes with the Nokia Play 360 speakers other than the fact it only comes as a single speaker unit and would cost about $300 for a L & R speaker setup. But if you are looking for portable Bluetooth speakers take with you on a trip with great battery life and solid sound. Get the Nokia Play 360


Clear 360-degree sound

  • A powerful speaker delivering clear 360-degree audio for your music.
  • Meet up with friends and enjoy your favorite tracks together.
  • The bass reflex chamber ensures rich, deep tones.
  • Get high-quality stereo surround sound when you connect another Nokia Play 360°.

Wide compatibility

  • Compatible with a wide range of phones, music players and computers.
  • Connect wirelessly through Bluetooth or plug in to any 3.5 mm audio connector.

Completely wire-free

  • No need for an external power source – ideal if you’re on holiday or meeting your friends.
  • Listen to music from your device through a wireless Bluetooth connection.
  • Simply tap your NFC-enabled phone on the speaker and start streaming music instantly.
  • Pair without any wires with another Nokia Play 360° speaker for portable stereo sound.

Smart design

  • The curved design and premium aluminum case brings a modern look and feel.
  • Carry this compact, wire-free speaker easily from place to place.
  • Nokia Battery BL-5C is included – it’s long-lasting, rechargeable and easy to replace when needed.