Nokia Lumia ICON Review: The Perfect fit

Nokia ICON-1 The Nokia Lumia ICON a devices that we have been expecting for sometime a the successor to the not so like Nokia Lumia 928 on Verizon last. The Lumia ICON thankfully comes in a s a well polished device that takes a lot from is bigger brother the Lumia 1520 except for its size. Coming in at 5-inch, with a gorgeous 1080p display, the Lumia ICON feels very comfortable to hold its its clean industrial build, with its metal lining around the edges of the device. No longer the high glossy slippery texture with got from the Lumia 928. Plus Qi wireless charging is back and built in; which is great and added benefit for the consumer.

The Lumia ICON also sports the same great 20MP camera sensor you will find on the Lumia 1520 but with out the bulge or size. Giving consumers a very pocket-able device that. The 20Mp camera gives stunning crystal clear photos in daylight, nighttime and even the dreaded lowlight situations. Meaning this is the smartphone camera for you on in almost any situation.  In terms of video recording, the Lumia ICON does a fantastic job in picking up audio with its 4 directional microphones that help keep the audio quality up on the device. Now I did notice some blue tint in some night time record, which was due to color correction. Overall still a stellar camera to use.

Overall the Lumia ICON is a solid device that improves on the pedigree of stellar devices Nokia has released over the last several months. For Verizon customers I am happy to say you are get one of the best models Nokia has crafted to date, and you should definitely pick one up.

  • Great size fit at 5-inches
  • lovely display
  • Built-in Wireless charging is back
  • Great 20MP camera
  • Device sold unlocked by Verizon
  • ( Does run warm a lot)
  • (No Glance feature built-in)