Nokia Lumia 800 Review



The Nokia Lumia 800 is Nokia’s Flagship and first entry device into the Windows Phone arena. Nokia has brought with it to Windows Phone its award winning design,. The Lumia 800 sports a lovely 3.7-inch curved ClearBlack AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass with a resolution of 800×400. Powered by a 1.4Ghz Qualcomm chip. In the Rear its got an 8 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash ( records at 720p @ 30fps). 16GB of internal storage , no microsd slot. Wifi b/g/n. It is also a quadband device with HSPA+ speeds of 14.4Mbps,; while using a micro sim. All this running Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

I can’t over emphasis the use of design here by Nokia. The Lumia 800 is a well built and styled device, with Design intricacies like a pop-up button to expose the micro USB slot and a slide out bay that releases the micro-sim slot. The devices has some good weight to it but it does feel heavy but balanced. On The OS side, yes it is running Windows Phone 7.5, but Nokia has added a few features like Nokia Drive which is a free turn by turn GPS Map system, as well a contact transfer app which helps your transfer your contacts more effectively. Also the Nokia Lumia 800 is the first windows phone camera I have used  that support side screen shots.

Battery life is an amazing thing on windows phone, with up to 6days on use and standby. Windows phone and Nokia Lumia 800. This is something you don’t usually see on smartphones. Sound quality is also very good on the Lumia 800 both on the built in speakers or  via the 3.5mm drive. So what makes the Lumia 800 stand out from other Windows Phone devices. For Nokia the differentiation comes via software. WE have seen and know how well Nokia builds  hardware. But on the software side the Nokia Lumia 800 packs something no other Windows Phone device carries. Nokia Drive, a full turn by turn GPS for up to 130 countries. So where ever you are in the world with the Nokia Lumia 800 you have a navigation system with you.

Nokia Drive is simple and easy to use.  When you open up the applications, it search for a GPS signal and connects to your location. the main screen shows you drive speed, and distance with a menu option button. Which reveals your navigation options; here you can switch from 2D to 3D maps, set destination, leave feedback , learn more on Nokia Drive and get deeper in the settings. with the settings, you can change Maps from Night and day colors, Show Landmarks, mange your own Maps, choose navigation voice, Change unit distance, Clear history and turn on or off location(GPS). For more on Nokia Drive Navigation. Check out our video test here



The Nokia Lumia 800 is a bold and brave step by the Finnish Giant. Moving to Windows Phone was a step many though would be an utter disaster for Nokia; which the  company has used to create a success with the LUmia 800. With it lovely Super AMOLED Clearblack display, great battery life and overall Nokia quality build and feel.  Also  the addition of Nokia Drive navigation software clearly helps to set the Lumia 800 away from the pack of windows phones.  Also the camera on the Lumia 800 is superb, with crystal clear photos  and smooth silk videos shot at 720p. Its not all rosy with the Lumia 800, it lacks a front facing camera, No NFC and uses a micro-sim.

Still those minor details are not enough to take away the beauty that is the Nokia Lumia 800.


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