Nokia Lumia 720 Unboxing

Nokia Lumia 720-12 The Nokia Lumia 720 is a slick gem in the Lumia line this mid range device is price at $299 and features a slick slim design that is very reminscent of the Nokia N8. The Lumia 720 sports a 4.3-inch IPS Clear Black Display with a 800 x 480 resolution. Powered by a dual-core 1Ghz processor, 512mb of ram a HD front facing wide angle camera and a rear 6.7 Megapixel rear camera that features some great optics according to Nokia. With slim unibody design, bright colours and vibrant screen, the Nokia Lumia 720 is sure to turn heads. It also has extra long battery life and a touch screen that works with gloves or long fingernails. And you can charge it wirelessly by clipping on a Wireless Charging Cover. We will put the Nokia Lumia 720 through the ringer and see how well it handles in our review.