Nokia Lumia 620 review- A Premium budget Smartphone

Nokia Lumia 620-9 The Nokia Lumia 620 is a budget smartphone that has received a lot of praise in numerous review, so naturally we wanted to find out what makes this Lumia so special and why do so many reviewers love it. The Lumia 620 is a smartphone geared to a budget crowd, priced at $260 unlocked. This is one of the most affordable smartphone you can own outright on the market; but its price is not what sets the Lumia 620 apart from its bargain basement brothers. Nokia has rightfully decided( hopefully more companies full suite) to adding a lot of premium accents into the design build and quality of the Lumia 620; sporting a 3.8-inch ClearBlack AMOLED display with very good readability in direct sunlight. It is powered by the same dual-core snapdragon S4 processor found in the Lumia 920, but comes with 512mb of ram, 8GB of on board storage expandable with a microSD card and a 5 megapixel rear camera. With all that packed in, the hardware build also does not disappoint, with a very premium finish for the Lumia 620; even though it has a full replaceable polycarbornate back panel that house the whole device. You are provided with a finish and feel that mirrors almost any high-end smartphone

As a smartphone the Lumia 620 functions just as well as its older counterparts, and there is no noticeable slow downs with use. Battery life is impeccable as expected from a Windows Phone 8 device, even though the Lumia 620 house a mere 1,300mAh battery; which is a enough to last you a full day ( 24hrs). Call quality is also every good as it supports both AT&T & T-Mobile networks with HSPA+  21mbp support; though T-Mobile voices calls sounded considerable better than AT&T ( you might have to contact the carrier to setup the device properly. The 5MP camera is decent and takes adequate pictures–though I long for a pureivew camera on a budget device.  Some Premium features such as Wireless charging, PureView Camera, though you do have ultra response on the display that allow syou to wear gloves and use your Lumia 620.  Overall the Nokia Lumia 620, merits all the praise it has been getting, with exceptional build quality, excellent battery-life running Windows Phone 8 at an affordable price. Making it the Premium budget Smartphone