Nokia Lumia 1520 Review: The best Windows Phone with a gorgeous display

Nokia Lumia 1520-4 The Nokia Lumia 1520 is a behemoth in every respect, this device has the pure America feel with AT&T slogan of bigger is better written all over it. But before you jump to conclusions, I can tell you that the Lumia 1520 is the best Lumia/Windows Phone to date and here is why. It sports a 6-inch ( might be a little large for some) with a 1080p resolution at 650 nits, which means this is the brightest and sharpest display from Nokia. Comparing it to anything on the market the Lumia 1520 is in a class of its own. The device is powered by “the” Snapdragon 800 processor, yes Lumia has gone quad-core and it shows. Gaming on the Lumia 1520 is just that much smoother & and basic operations on the device flow very well. This also helps that the device has 2GB of ram to boot. Now when it comes to storage, the AT&T version of the Lumia 1520 comes with 16GB of ram instead of the 32GB stated internationally, though AT&T has stated a 32GB version of the device is coming. Plus you do have expandable storage via MicroSD up to 64GB, which does help.  this is , though no word was given on the amount of ram in the system. You do get 32GB of internal storage or 16GB with the AT&T version,  with max 64GB expansion via microSD.

Talking about optics, the   packs a high megapixel camera, though not to the capacity of the Lumia 1020, its camera still does perform wonders.What you get is a 20MP sensor, with optical image stabilization, 2X lossless zoom with oversampling, and dual LED flash for lighting up the scene. Videos are crisp and clear at 1080p, plus you have some great image quality, find out more in our camera test here. Finally the Lumia 1520 houses  3,400mAh Battery with  wireless charging- AT&T supported PMA charging solution instead of QI standard. Battery life has been impeccable on the Lumia 1520 with pretty much 24hr run time and over 2 days standby. Which is great for the device.

There is a lot packed into the Lumia 1520 that set it apart from other Windows Phones and other devices on the market, the only shortcoming I have for the device are the current storage options ( you can’t save apps on SD card on windows phones), & PMA wireless charging. But those two little specks are not enough to taint the Lumia 1520 as been the est Windows Phone for 2013; its 6-inch 1080p display is gorgeous– granted the size may not be for everyone. But combing the display, processor, camera and performance.  Nokia has created a template of what we should expect in the future from them.