Noise Hush NX26 HD Stereo Headphones Review

The Noise Hush NX26 is a HD Stereo headset from Noise Hush that provides noise cancelling features. The Headphones are designed to provided clear crisp sound with out the intrusion of outside noise. The Noise Hush NX26 also acts as a hands free headset, so while listening to music on your smartphone, you can answer calls. So the big question is how is the sound quality.

First off, when using the Noise Hush NX26 as a hands free headset, the audio quality of the mic is fantastic, coming off very clear and crisp, no sound distortions or dips in volume. The person on the call hears you as clear as you speaking into the mic of your phone. The Sound quality of the headset is very good, lots of good mid range sound and very little bleed out. Though the headset does struggle a bit on the higher notes, its still handle sound extremely well on all level. The Physical design of the hardware is nice, though I would say if you are like me and have larger ear lobes, then theses headphones might be a little snug. IN all the Noise Hush NX 26 are should headphones either for music or taking calls. , its crisp clear and works like a charm.  If you are looking for a pair of solid headphones, you can order these from Wirelessground here




  • Model:NoiseHush NX26
    Driver Unit:40mm
    Sensitivity:-42 ± 3dB
    Cable Length:5.7feet
    Speaker Frequency Range:20Hz-20kHz
    Output Power:30mw RMS
    Audio Connection:3.5mm Stereo Jack
    Weight: 175g