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Nintendo DSi XL Unboxing & Review Booredatwork Style


We finally got  our hands on the Nintendo DSi Xl and its here in America. So its got a bigger screen, but still the same hardware inside. Let take a look at what makes the bad boy different from the rest.


Its got two 4.2 inch screens. So of the button layouts are different as compared to the original DSi. Like the power button and volume keys. The design build is sturdy and doesn’t feel cheap. Feels more like having a MIDI in hand ( yes the device feels heavier than a DSi). The Camera is the same resolution as the regular DSi. Overall its is built like a Larger DSi. Battery life seem sa little longer, as you would expect with a slightly bigger battery included




The OS is similar to the regular DSi, so there are really no changes there. Though you do get 3 pre-installed games ( two Brain age games and a Photo clock).The browser is the same as the DSi but runs much slower, I am guessing its not optimized for the system. I do expect to see an update  for it in the future. Though it does render full pages as you can see in the video review


I tested out the Ninja Gaiden on the new DSi XL, the game was built for the DSi Xl. The larger screen makes thing much clearer and crisp. Especially with a games as Ninja Gaiden DS ( where you hold the DSi XL like a book) it is much easier to swipe across the screen and defeat enemies. I can see the advantage  of the larger screen, with more RPGs, Strategy games, turn based games and novel games like ( Hotel dusk & Another Code) will take full advantage of the  larger screen size.  Yes they are advantages to having a larger screen ( its like moving from your old 20″ TV to a 40 flat screen, ok well not really, but close).

SDC10756 SDC10758 SDC10760 SDC10759

DSi Xl Camera Pictures

The DSi XL camera quality is pretty good,. I took some pictures in daylight. So you can judge the quality for yourself

HNI_0006 HNI_0005 HNI_0007 HNI_0008 HNI_0002 HNI_0003 HNI_0004


The DSi XL has its advantages and disadvantages, but I for one see a lot of potential with the system ( please Nintendo release a DSiware Manga app).The DSi Xl is another solid addition to the Nintendo DS family. Granted it may not be for every, but if you still have an original DS ( yeah,you- its time for an upgrade).

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