Nintendo 2DS Review: Fun & Worth it

NIntendo 2DS-13 I could start this review by simple say the 2DS plays just like a 3DS without the 3D and a lower price point. But there is a bit more to Nintendo cost inviting DS entry. The 2DS is priced at $129, making it an attractive offer for low budget gamers and parents. The Nintendo 2Ds design is something complete different in design for previous incarnations, with a flat design place both screen on the same plane. the button and pad placements work very well to give a very comfortable gaming experience that in all honesty makes it feel more comfortable than the DS.

Now the main downside to the 2DS comes into two aspects, we do know that it doesn’t support 3D but does play 3DS games. Also it has one speaker instead of two which is a bit of a bummer as the sound quality doesn’t match up to the . Still the game experience isn’t denigrated. You get the same DS gaming experience that you have come to know and enjoy. Plus I found it more comfortable and better for longer gaming periods. Battery life was fantastic on the device and it ¬†does come with a 4GB SD. Overall this is a good buy and something you can look for during the holiday shopping season