Ninja Factor HD- iOS Game Review

IMG_0111 If you’ve ever played Fruit Ninja then Ninja Factor HD will feel very familiar to you. It follows the same basic concept. A bunch of things, in this case numbers, fly onto the screen and you are required to swipe at them with your awesome ninja weapon, your fingers. Similar to the fruit variety of said ninja escapade, you have bombs and time slowing effect. However you will notice that Ninja Factor HD does have one major difference. At the top of its game screen is a green number, which factors into the overall game play, we will come back to this.

Where you start to see differences between the two games is the combo system which in my opinion is much more entertaining and though-out on Ninja Factor HD. Unlike Fruit Ninja where combos rely on the number of fruits you can hit at one time, Ninja Factor HD goes further with the use of a factoring system.
Remember your math lessons from grade school? A factor is any number which can divide another number without leaving a remainder. That is, 7 is a factor of 21 because it divides it 3 times without any remainder. Now keep that in mind, school’s out.

Remember the green number at the top of the screen, well you’d better, because this number dictates your gaming style, at least when considering combo points.
Here’s how it works: let’s say the green number, the factor, at the top of the screen is 2, now two numbers flip onto the screen, an 8 and a 1, in order to register a combo point you have to slash the numbers in a way that the resulting combo point is a multiple of 2, that would mean you slash in such a way that your single swipe hits the 1 first and then the 8 resulting in a combo point of 18.


This difference lends itself to an almost strategic game play not quite evident in Fruit Ninja. Let take another instance where once again the factor is 2. Now let’s say 3 numbers appear on the screen 8, 6 and 4. Any you slice these numbers (No, I am not above cheesy puns), you have a multiple of 2, however, you maximize your combo points by hitting the 8first, then the 6 and finally the 4, for a total of 864 combo points. Interesting, no?

Overall, the game is a well thought out mathematical brain teaser, it’s only drawback, which is actually a big shame, is that its Fruity cousin is such a well known game, and this variant (yes it is a variant) although innovative and exponentially more entertaining might be obscured by the similarities to aforementioned Fruit chopping game.