New York City’s Tinyest Studio

Its really really small. I can see how a married couple and two cats live here


The co-op is on the 16th floor of a doorman building on 110th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. But it’s only accessible by a staircase on the 15th floor.

It has two small windows with views of upper Manhattan; hardwood floors; a tiny kitchen with a mini-fridge and hotplate; and a closet-sized bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet.

“I’m amazed we can fit two people and two cats in there,” Zaarath said. “But it’s harmonious at this point. I have friends who say they could never live with their husbands in a place this small. It’s a good thing we like each other enough to live there.”

The couple wakes up every morning in their queen-size bed, which takes up one-third of the living space.

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seriously they bought an apartment the size of my bedroom for $150,000. I mean I love to like in New York but not after coughing up $150,000 for a livin closet. Some people are crazy


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