New Xbox 360 Dashboard & Companion app Walkthrough Review

The New Xbox 360 Dashboard is available and slowly rolling out to Xbox 360 users out there. It is more Kinect friendly and full metro U.I styled in everyday. With live title that update constantly. the New dashboard, is broken into group segments. We also take a look at the new Xbox 360 companion app for Windows phone

First of  built in Bing search that lets you search for Movies, music and games. The you got your home that shows what’s in your disk tray, your quick play games. A live title of what is new in the Video Marketplace. the Xbox 360 Cloud save and ads. Next you have the Social segment; which show the friends you have online you can also connect to your social apps, Twitter, Facebook and Kinect Video.

Next is your video segment that shows your video apps and connections to the Zune Video marketplace, where you can rent movies and buy then as well as stream your own content. Next is the games hub, where you can check on your achievement, the games you have played as well as downloadable content.  After games is the music, hub, similar to the video hub, you can access the Zune marketplace, play music off music apps, as well as stream music through media center from your pc to your Xbox 360.

The last two hubs are the app hub which means literally that, the ability to download apps to your Xbox 360, though not fully functional, some of the apps are TV related with Xfinity and Fios as well as HBO. The last hub is the settings hub which house the console settings system setting and all other settings need for you use of the Xbox 360 and online functionality.

The companion app on windows phone or iOS can work over data or Wi-Fi( Wi-Fi is best), its mirrors your Xbox 360 dashboard and allow you to control you Xbox 360 from your smartphone. A very useful and easy app to use. Initial setup requires you to initial the Xbox companion app setting  within the console settings on your Xbox 360. From there on your follow the simple steps and you are good to go.