New Google Maps 4.1 for Android


For 1.6 and up. Sorry Cliq users

New features


  • Updated search results page: The detailed search page got a major face life. New buttons have been added for map view, navigate, call, and street view. The reviews area has a slick looking colored chart to display star ratings and you can easily buzz about any place.
  • Swipe for more results: The tabs are now gone from the search results page and users can easily swipe between places. The scrolling is super smooth on my N1 and it has a nice feel as results snap over.
  • Latitude widget and Maps live wallpaper: I guess this is more eye candy than usefulness. The new Maps live wallpaper allows you to view live traffic on your homescreen. The Latitude widget shows updates for friends around your location.
  • Switch Google Accounts: Android 2.0 added support for multiple accounts and now you can switch them from within maps. This allows you to easily manage multiple identities.
  • Dark Map for Buzz: A new layer that darkens the map and makes buzz posts glow red.
  • More Ads: I don’t know if this is a new “feature” or not, but I am noticing a ton of new sponsored ads through out Google Maps when I perform a search. I think this started around version 3.4, but they definitely have more advertisers signed up now.