NeverBoored Awards CES 2015 Winners


CES 2015 has come and gone with a host of products to see and Marvel. But there where a few products that did wow us from small to large. They products ranged in different categories and showcased some of the best this years show has to offer. So in our first NeverBoored Awards, we give you the best of CES 2015.


Lenovo/NEC LAVie Z

The Lenovo/NEC LaVie Z is a laptop that you literally have to hold and feel, to understand how light it is. the disclaimer of being the lightest laptop & convertible ever is not an understatement. It really feels like an empty shell, or a non functioning demo unit, that is because the LaVie is constructed from a Magnesium Lithium alloy. Giving the impression of a plastic,without the give and it allows for an incredibly light product. The Lavie Z will be coming to the USA later on this year. (Thunder E, Ose)


Dell XPS 13

The Dell XPS 13 is by far the best device presented at this years CES 2015. Even saying that statement perplexes me since it’s coming from Dell’s camp of product designers. With it’s edge-to-edge QHD display, carbon fiber keyboard structure and aluminum body; all adding up to an extremely small footprint and weight. Rivaling that of the infamous Macbook Air. It’s not only elegant, but powerful comin in core i3, i5, and i7 models. The base coming in at an astounding $699. The non touch model starts at $599, but once experiencing the QHD touch, it’s really hard to go back. (Thunder E & Alex)

ThinkVision X2 (4)

ThinkVision X24

Yes they were curved and ultrawide monitors at the show, but the beauty with its sleek looks and $249 price won us over. The ThinkVision X24’s IPS panel highlights include Full HD resolution with a wide 178 degree viewing angle and DisplayPort or HDMI digital connectivity. The stylish and sturdy chrome stand is tilt- adjustable. (Thunder E, Ose )


Razer Forge TV

The Razer Forge TV isn’t new, but its done well and done by a company who makes gaming hardware. The forge TV’s ability to extend your PC to your living room and bring a robust Android gaming experience is awesome. Plus in true Razer style. Its got a solid line of accessories, that makes the experience much more sublime. (Thunder E, Gary)


Mad Catz L.Y.N.X.9

This is the game controller for all portable game controllers, with PC compatibility, Transformer functionality.The controller ships with a keyboard module that snaps into the bottom of your pad. Its made from all metal parts, so you won’t have to worry about plastic breaking. But it does come at a steep $299 price. Still that doesn’t stop us from like the Mad Catz L.Y.N.X.9 (Thunder E)


SteelSeries Apex M800

I can’t tell you how long I have been waiting for ta Mechanical version of the Apex; which is another keyboard I love from SteelSeries. The Keyboard feel perfect, from keystrokes, to the ability to set macros on every single key. I can’t wait to giv eit a spin, and as a gamer I am excited to use the new Apex M800. Which is why its on this award list. ( Thunder E)


Phantom by Devialet

I love listening to music. That makes me really picky when I consider purchasing audio systems for home use. I want my setup to have a clean look, speakers and wires hidden but most importantly I want to hear my music. Let me introduce to you the “Phantom” by Devialet. I have to say this was a chance meeting and by far my most mind blowing product for me at this year’s CES. It is the richest sound quality I have heard from a home speaker system with a level of clarity that can only be surpassed if you are at the opera. This slick looking, unassuming bean looking device can be placed just about anywhere in choose. It has just one cable coming out of it and pairs wirelessly to multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously. My main surprise was that all this was achieved in a device this small and the sound transmission is wireless. But what type of quality should you expect from a company that’s a leader in high-end audio amplifiers?  I didn’t know of Devialet before now because they were high end and my money should we say “is not that long”, hence out of my pocket range, but even with the price tag that comes with the Phantom as an entry into the Home entertainment systems, they are worth your listen. They certainly have my attention.



It may seem overly dramatic, but trying the AKG N90Q Quincy Jones headphones was bordering on an emotional experience. They win out by far as my favorite item at CES and also a general consensus by the Booredatwork team at the show. The moment I tried them, I began it felt like I was sinking into the music. Then when “Hotel California” came on, I was completely lost in the music. These absolute beauties not only have noise cancellation, EQ, but also personal calibration. To top it off, while chatting with the folks at Harman, a few of us got to hear the story of the gentleman who developed the technology, and his reaction to the N90Q winning  I will have to keep thinking of descriptions, but PURE JOY is what keeps coming to mind. ( Booredatwork Team)


Model X

Thunder E thinks that the Tesla line of vehicles are complete trash however, I am in love with the concept of having not only free fuel for life, but falcon hinged doors to let my passengers in and out. The Model X is the SUV line of vehicles from Tesla that is albeit late on release, but still coming to market. It’s ranged is said to rival that of Model S and have dual-motor support from the start. This isn’t the Model III people like myself have been waiting for (the more affordable model), but it’s definitely an indication that Tesla is not going anywhere. (Alex)


Blu Vivo Air

If you haven’t heard of the company BLU Products (not the vapor cigarette company) then you’re bound to hear about them soon enough. BLU is an American based company specializing in creating mid-tier Android devices at extremely affordable prices. This CES they came with a wide range of models and price points that could not be ignored, and one in particular was the Vivo Air. Coming with a 1.7ghz Octa-Core processor (MediaTek), a 5.1mm thin aluminum body (1.8mm thin bezels), 720pHD display and Gorilla Glass 3, you would think could be a moderate flagship device. Unfortunately the unlocked device does not incorporate an LTE chip in order to keep the price down. Without LTE I can not be a prospective buyer, but for many others the Vivo Air can be a premium option forgoing the data speeds. The device will only cost $200, yes $200 off contract. Hopefully BLU provides an option with LTE that will obviously cost more, but not excessive since the base price is so cheap. All in all, great showing from BLU this year. (Alex)


QNX Maserati System Demo

When I watch movies like Miniroty Report & iRobot, the technology in cars of the future normally steal the spotlight and I often find myself think of reason why such cars don’t exist yet. The QNX Maserati demo changed my thought process. Taking what is popular in today’s culture (cell phones, tablets) and integrates it seamlessly into the car giving a level of interaction and ease of use hardly seen before. I would love for this technology to be picked up by OEM manufacturers and for them to find a way to make this cost effective so everyone can experience what I just did sitting here. The future is definitely bright! ( Thunder E & Ose)