Netflix app on PS


Every gaming console has the ability to watch movies via streaming media and the PS Vita is no exception; especially viewing content on its gorgeous 5-inch OLED display on the go . Netflix is available right off the bat on the system, it can be downloaded onto the PS Vita via the PlayStation Store as a free download. But it still requires a paid Netflix monthly subscription for use. Though there is a 1 month free trial offer if you sign up through your PS Vita

The app is clean and easy to navigate once install and signed I, which in our case too a littl0e longer than we expected. The interface is very smooth and simple, with you instant queue at the very top with in a row, with subsequent categories listed the same way. Control wise it doesn’t use an gestures and all navigation is handled with the touchscreen or the PS Vita Circle & triangle buttons. Which I will say is easy and very accessible, plus there is a search tab at the top right hand corner of the screen and that can be accessed by either touch or using the  triangle button.

So let jump to where it doesn’t shine; scroll left to right on the interface is choppy, as well as no quick scroll functionality up and down from category to category. Also the initial start up of the app is slow,  I mean it takes its time.  Also the search option uses a different keyboard and layout from the standard PS Vita keyboard which is small and annoying.

Still when it comes to viewing content, it load movies pretty fast, dependent on your network. And playback is smooth. Also the 5-inch OLED display comes in handy in viewing  content which just looks lovely all around.  Which is aided by simple video controls with a navigation by to slide to points in a movie you want to go to. In all the app is solid, though it needs some more work. but it works well to kick things going.