Neat Home by Unger- Cleaning line

Neat Home-5 Who said all things technology have to be based off a switch, quad-core processor or a 1080p display. But all those aspects of tech can be applied to produce other productive out comes. Which brings me to Neat Home by Unger, a line of home cleaning products from Microfiber dusters, Microfiber swivel brushes squeegee & more. So what is so special about Neat Homes offering, well as a guy it can be hard to clean an apt or house; just using old t-shirts and towels. The Neat home ha the connect & clean system, which allows for the user to change cleaning heads to fit the surface; switching from the microfiber ceiling fan cleaner to the microfiber blind cleaner. This is an easy process that takes away the pain or stress of cleaning- well at least in my view. With the Wineberry set starting at 4pcs at $44.99 – $79.99 for the 8pc set. this is a very good buy for anyone looking to keep the home clean. Available at Target & Home Depot