NBA JAM Look & Controls on the Wii


Via Gonintendo

The game looks fun and interesting, I do like the graphical approach. Seeing play pierces head on a Caricature is just to funny.


– A button passes
– B button is turbo
– Swipe controller side to side to execute crossover(offense) or steal attempt(defense)
– Shooting and Blocking are a two part gesture much like that in Wii Sports Resort Basketball.
– Pull the Wii remote up to jump, then flick forward to release the ball on offense, or swat at ball on defense
– To pull of a dunk simply hold the turbo button, and use the same gestures as if you were shooting the ball
– Holding turbo while swiping the controller side to side will execute the trademark shove (on defense)
– Holding the turbo while swiping on offense will execute a spin move which can counter the shove


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