Myth Labs Eclipse Headphone Unboxing

Myth Labs Eclipse-7 Myth Labs are a brand new audio company, introducing a new brand of headphones to the market. The Myth Labs Eclipse, which are versatile speakers that allow you to experience every instrument, synth and sound in high quality tracks that standard headphones often miss.​Eclipse were designed with higher quality music files in mind, so you hear “more music” from your favorite tracks than you’ve ever heard before with standard headphones. Do your high quality MP3s justice with the proper headgear! Combine Eclipse with your choice of Mythband to create your perfect set of personalized headphones.

We wanted to take the time to unbox the headphones before giving you a detailed review. To give a perfect opportunity to highly the offerings of Myth Labs to the audio community


  • Interchangeable , upgradable headphones (headband and speakers are separate!)
  • Free iOS® / Android® headphone recommendation app available
  • Strong and flexible stainless steel construction with the highest quality plastic and foam for extreme durability
  • Unique metal compound drivers for unsurpassed clarity
  • Passive noise canceling technology