myCharge Summit 3000 Rechargeable Power Bank – get Swiss Army knife of chargers

IMG_0464 The summit 3000 is from mycharge’s new sleeker line of portable chargers. I own the powerbank 6000 from the earlier collection. The new batch looks much more modern, with glossy white plastic housing, and grey and bright green accents.

I will never trust the listed battery capacity specs, so let’s discuss real-life use. Compared to the 6000mAh older version, which would successfully charge three of my smartphones to the fullest, the 3000mAh Summit will charge one, plus a little extra. What I love about myCharge is that they charge your smartphone very quickly!

This new model has much better compartments for the attached cables. They are flush against the charger, but the difference over the old model is that the cables don’t get twisted around as much, meaning they will last longer as far as wear and tear. The green cable is for usb devices, or to charge the Summit. Standard two prongs on the back are for regular outlet charging. The grey cable is for micro USB devices. The USB slot is also for charging another device. On the top is the iPhone, iPod, or iPad charging cable.

Under that last cable, you will find the pinhole settings for voice and volume. This charger talks! A voice notification, in English, French, or Spanish, tells you level of charge. So cute.

Overall I love it! I’m hooked, and highly recommend it. One friend dubbed it the Swiss army knife of chargers.