My time with the Google Pixel

The Google Pixel on Verizon Wireless is my latest smartphone venture. As the first Android that I have tried with Nugat 7.1 operating system, I was pleasantly surprised at its efficiency. For those Android users tired of the clutter of preloaded programs, bells, and whistles, the Pixel does a great job of simplifying.
With a 5 inch Amoled screen, and Gorilla Glass display, and Snapdragon 821 processor, navigating was quite smooth. With physical home button, you have a nice sleek canvas of a screen. The only adjustments were the volume keys to the right side and headphone jack at the top of the device. For those used to Samsung for example, you may accidentally mix up the power button and volume at first. The rest of the shape and size are pretty standard, but what was helpful for me was the placement of the fingerprint button. It is much faster setting up the fingerprint lock and actually unlocking than on my previous device. The 12.3MP rear and 8MP front facing camera have done very well so far, and I love the “twist-twist” feature to flip to selfie mode. For those who are accident prone (like me these days), the Pixel is IP54 splash resistant.

Data transfer was a breeze! Using the corresponding adapters from the Pixel’s USB-C to micro USB, the data transfer initiated as soon as I connected the two smartphones. The only hangup was due to the other devices worn out micro USB port. Once the transfer was complete, Iwas delighted at how many settings and preferences transferred over. On that note, as this is a Google device, the included apps are in the Google family, yet streamlined. One of the most useful features is the Google widget in the upper left hand corner, conveniently tucked away but right there when you need it. I may not use the new Daydream VR app, or the Google Assistant very often, but the Home app has your Google life pulled together into one, such as Casting, YouTube, Netflix, Google Play, Pandora, Plex, Google Photos, and more. The only features that I miss or haven’t stumbled across yet were using your own library for ringtones, and some of the sound settings. They seem simplified whereas I tend to customize many of my settings.I would love a battery a little heftier than 2770 mAh, but battery doesn’t seem to be an issue due to less drain from so many extras. The Pixel Launcher is a helpful on screen swipe to bring you to all of your apps for easy access, and in alphabetical order.
Overall you really cant go wrong with the Pixel. You are getting a robust device that is efficient and up to date with Nugat. On Verizon Wireless the cost is $27.08 per month or $649.99 full retail, and comes in Quite Black, Really Blue, and Very Silver. Don’t forget to protect our Pixel with my favorite rugged case Slim Armor by Spigen!!
Android 7.1 Nugat OS
5.0 Amoled Gorilla Glass display 1080×1920 pixel resolution
2770 mAh Battery
32GB Storage
Snapdragon 821 Processeor
12.3 MP Rear Camera
8 PM Front Camera
USB-C 18W Adapter
USB-C to USB-C Cable
USB-C to USB Standard Cable
OTG Dongle
SIM Tool
Google Play Music Promo Card