Mozilla Firefox: Boot to Gecko Mobile OS Hands-on

BA6WAr008S Boot to Gecko is Mozilla’s html 5 powered Mobile OS. The whole thing is built on html 5 and is basically the web. Mozilla’s first partner carrier, Telefonica, said that Boot to Gecko phones will be 10 times cheaper than the iPhone. Simpson confirmed some specifications when I spoke with him, including that the operating system will work on devices powered as low as a 600 mHz and with 256 MB of RAM. A demoed were created with WebGL and hardware acceleration APIs showed a graphics-heavy crystal skull rotating. The game Jelly Drop, built-in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, was responsive. While the camera itself wasn’t fully functional yet, the photo galleries were easy to navigate and video playback was smooth. The  phone basically runs on Mozilla’s Gecko browser engine with an underlying Linux kernel, thus the version of Firefox Browser we saw was entirely built-in Javascript.

For now they are in a registration phase where developers can sign up and start submitting their apps. B2G apps will be entirely based on open technologies – HTML, CSS and JS – topped with specific APIs for accessing the underlying hardware.