Motorola Razr HD, Razr Maxx HD & Razr M Hands-on- The New Razr family


The New line of Razr phone from Motorola on the Verizon network, are part of the new Motorola Mobilty inside Google. The three devices announced are all styled in the ultra slim Razr finish. sport a 1.5 dual-core snapdragon , 1GB of ram and minimum 16GB of storage across all three devices. Where the Razr HD and Maxx HD differ is its splendid 4.7-inch HD display and battery packs. The Razr HD packs a 2500mAh battery for some serious talktime and the Maxx HD comes with its traditional 3200mAh battery for up to 10hrs of video viewing. The Razr M on the other hand will not be left out,  with an edge-to-edge 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display. with an edge-to-edge 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display, while its internals match that of the Maxx HD & Razr HD except for a 2000mAh battery. Enjoy our quick hands-on and we will be bringing an unboxing  of the Razr M shortly.