Motorola DCX3600 Advanced Video Gateway & DreamGallery Tool Kit

IMG_3076[ad#ad-1]Advanced Video Gateway: Making the Shift to IP
Motorola’s DCX3600 IP Video Gateway marks the set-top’s evolution into the entertainment hub of the home. This advanced video gateway enables a truly connected home environment by merging traditional broadcast TV with new IP-based content and capabilities for whole-home media distribution across multiple screens. Consumers can view, record or play video on any networked device, in any room, seamlessly.

At CES 2012, Motorola will be demonstrating the IP Connected Home experience of tomorrow – with the DCX3600 distributing video to a variety of connected devices, including an IP set-top,DROID RAZR by Motorola smartphone, DROID XYBOARD by Motorola tablet and PS3™ gaming console.

The more content that comes into our homes, the more likely it will be across multiple screens. While today’s networks are designed to deliver content separately on PCs, smartphones, tablets and television, the IP future of tomorrow will demand greater seamless convergence.

With future consumers and networks in mind, the DCX3600 maximizes today’s network infrastructure while providing flexibility for an IP tomorrow – which is why it was recently honored with a Broadband Technology Report Diamond Award.

DreamGallery: Innovation at Internet Speeds
Consumers have expressed a desire for a richer experience when it comes to finding their favorite programming and discovering new TV content. With the end user in mind, Motorola’s DreamGallery is an on-screen experience that revolutionizes the user experience for next-generation TV. DreamGallery makes the experience of finding shows, movies and sports on TV as easy as on the Internet.

DreamGallery is cloud-based and designed in HTML5, so service providers can deliver new, customized and branded experiences nearly instantaneously—like updating a Web page—dramatically reducing time-to-scale and development cycles.

DreamGallery also will enable TV providers to deliver the first consistent on-screen experience across multiple devices. Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy the same video experience on your TV, tablet and smartphone!

Shaw Communications, Canada’s largest cable operator, will be the first in North America to offer consumers the DreamGallery experience, which has already gained wide acclaim in Europe.


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