Motorola Corvair 6-inches Tablet for your Living room-leaked

This is an Android 2.3 tablet at 6-inches with a 400omAh battery, with wi-fi and IR control and RF4CE, a ZigBee-based RF control protocol. This is billed as a controller tablet by Motorola; with the ability to control you TV and more. The folks at The Verge got their hands on some leaked images and claim to know that the device is already being tested by cable providers.

The packaging calls the device a “dedicated controller,” but at the same time shows the tablet’s UI on the TV screen, leading us to believe it can be used to watch and stream media all the while functioning as a universal remote. Motorola has been making cable boxes for a while now and maybe this is the ultimate way to interact with them

This looks like something that will ship with cable boxes and maybe packaged for Christmas with your Comcast, Verizon or dish network packages.




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