Motorola Acquires Azingo for Mobile OS?

It seem from Linikdi profile ( via Androidandme), that Motorola has aqcuired Azingo for the creation of it own mobile OS or to help buidl up it OS cover program (blur)

According to a LinkedIn profile, it appears Motorola has acquired mobile platform company Azingo. The little known company (I’ve never heard of them) makes their own operating system called Azingo Mobile 2.0 which is based on the Linux platform. Azingo Mobile 2.0 already includes a comprehensive application suite including a Webkit-based browser, web runtime, Flash runtime, and full developer tools.

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha did have this to say during its Q1 2010 earings report call.

“I’ve always felt that owning your OS is important, provided you have an ecosystem, you have all the services and you have an ability and the scale to execute on keeping that OS at the leading edge. And I continue to believe that at some point, if we have all of those attributes, that owning our own OS will be a very important thing.”

This may prove interesting, to see if Motorola is fully commited in releasing its own OS in the crowded mobile space or might be looking to improve what it has started with blur.

Via Androidandme


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