Moto G Review: Its Worth it!!!

Moto G-4 I think Motorola has struck  gold with the Moto G. Its first low cost Android smartphone that pack a lot into its 4.5-inch 720p display. The Moto G is geared at the entry level smartphone market, an area dominated by Nokia’s Lumai 520 line of sub $100 devices. While the Moto G retails for $170 for 8GB & $200 for 16GB with no microsd expansion. Make no mistake the Moto G is not a stripped down version of the Moto X. It is got a quad-core processor Snapdragon 400) with 1GB of ram and performs very well. I noticed no over heating during gameplay session of Real Racing 3 & Modern Combat 4. Also battery life is impeccable, with the Moto G matching Motorola’s claim of all day battery life ( I mean 24hrs and still gong strong).

The are other aspects to the device like the camera, which is decent and does a very respectable job at 720p, and also does a good job at take photos. See the Camera Test below

Overall Motorola has done a very respectable job in crafting a solid offering with the Moto G at a price point that is attractive and doesn’t require a contract.  The lack of microSD card expansion is a bit disappointing, and I hope to see a revision with the Snapdragon 405 to bring LTE connectivity on the device. But the battery life is fantastic and I think Motorola has found a nice to which the can craft a space for themselves in the Android ecosystem, to be very successful.