mophie juice pack powerstation PRO – “Mophie loves you”

IMG_0156[ad#ad-1]Actually, I learned something new while reviewing he juice pack. It is IP 65 certified. What does that mean,do you wonder? IP refers to the degrees of  protection provided by the enclosures of electrical equipment.yup, didn’t know that. The 65 refer to it being 1. “Dust -tight” (dust proof) and 2. “Protected against water jets” (splash resistant.). It is quite sturdy, with a thick rubber frame, and metal detailing.

Simple to use, it comes with USB/micro USB  cord to charge up mophie, and then use either that cable, or USB cable compatible for your device, then simply press the power button and you are charging. Thumbs up!…..aside from my blackberry and charging only one device at a time.