Mophie Juice Pack Plus for the iPhone 6


At some point, all iPhone 6 and previous iPhone users have to face the fact that battery life has never been the devices strong suit. Apple likes to sacrifice battery life for design. Which in the case of the iPhone 6, they truly took that notion and ran with it. Battery extending accessories have flooded the market for some time now, but having an implementation that isn’t cumbersome and counterproductive as alluded me for years. The overall design of my mobile device these days matters more to me now than ever, so adding a bulky (but productive) case to my precious iPhone 6 has, and will always be a difficult decision.

That’s where the Mophie Juice Pack Plus comes into play. By now means is this beefy   hour battery back small, but it’s made in a way that allows for the ever elusive great feel and usability. Starting with the case itself, which is bolstered by the matte black rubber finish encasing the entirety of the device. Yes, it smudges and scratches easy but the overall texture more than makes up for it. Just don’t put this case in the same pocket as your keys. Sliding your iPhone 6 inside it is fairly simple and hassle free. The case uses a two piece mechanism that causes you to worry about the durability of the case being able to hold the device. It does; Mophie has even incorporated an inner laying of a material very similar to Tech 21’s cases that adds better shock resistance if you were to drop the device. I wouldn’t bet on using this case as an actual case, but in the circumstance you were to drop your iPhone 6 with it on, it should hold up well enough.

As previously mentioned, the case encompasses a 3300mah hour battery pack inside , which is good for about 1 full charge and a half. Truth be told, it’s more than enough if you adapt to your device, which should never be the case, but the pack plus branding really does hold here. The battery meter on the back of the case is pretty basic and does what it’s supposed to. 4 is full, 1 is you need to charge it. The untold, and by far the best asset to the case is it’s micro-usb port. Since it’s directly connected to the iPhone 6 with the lighting port, you can charge both the case and iPhone 6 as one unit using just one cable. It’s even smart enough to charge the iPhone first! At a speed that the standard adapter and lighting cable output separately. This makes you never feel the need to ever take the case off. Which is exactly what happened; yes I miss the small compact size of a naked iPhone 6. But I much enjoy having a phone that last 2 days with one charge thanks to the Mophie Juice Pack Plus.

Overall, the $119.95 (black, white, & gold) price justifies the combined elements that make the Mophie Juice Pack Plus a mandatory product for those suffering from a battery woes with the iPhone 6. It will naturally become one with your iPhone 6 if you use like I do. However, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. Even though Mophie has done what they could to downsize it’s overall imprint, it’s still adds enough bulk to your iPhone 6 to make you question its overall positives and negatives. In any case (pun-intended), it gets the Booredatwork thumbs up.