Monster/Nokia Purity in-ear Headset Review


[ad#ad-1]Monster & Nokia Have come together to craft what might be the best in-ear hands free headset for a mobile device. But before we pile on praise and criticism, let take a closer look at the Monster/Nokia Purity in-ear headset. The Purity headset from Monster and Nokia are High definition in-ear headset, design to bring a compact and fresh style which is evident at first glance, with the unique colors and design, bring a fresh and simple look to headphone design. The Purity in-ear headphones are powered by advanced Monster driver that are aimed to produced low bass without distortion , clear mids and crisps highs. the Purity headset are made with tangle-resistant cables, so there is almost no way you can ruffle them up, also has integrated volume and call controls and a Nokia AV adapter. the Controls gives you media Playback controls on your windows phone( play/pause, volume up/down, skip forward and back) as well as call answer and end. You are also provided with 5 interchangeable ear buds and a very nice small hard shell carrying case.  The purity headset is also a noise isolation headset, allowing you to thoroughly enjoy your music, every step of the way. So the Big Questions still remains to be answered, How good do they sound?


The Monster/Nokia Purity in-ear headset are solid overall, yes there are some complains but nothing that would deter you away from getting them.  My only issue is the low bass discrepancy with songs with natural a lot of bass.  Which I will admit might be a personal preference but with the purity feels like an overload of bass more than anything else. Besides that the Purity in-ear headset has crisp highs and solid mids, the media playback controls work excellently. though you are only limited to Windows Phones. The best part of the Monster/Nokia Purity in-ear Headset is the call answer and mic, it is down right spectacular. I mean it!!! Serious with my use no on had a clue that I was using a hands free headset and the call quality was crisp and clear. I can safely say on hand free calling the Purity headset are the best I have used in years. So for a $sub $100 price tag you get a great hands free headset and a very solid set of headphones, I say the Monster/Nokia Purity Headset are a solid buy.


  • Fully compatible with Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia710
  • Compatible with other Nokia handsets with 3.5mm Nokia AV connector
  • Compatible with other audio devices with standard 3.5mm audio jack

Windows Phones (AHJ)     Other Nokia Devices (Nokia AV) Other Devices with 3.5mm jack

Media Playback Controls                     YES                                                               NO                                                         NO

Volume Controls                                     YES                                                               NO                                                         NO

Hands-Free Calls                                     YES                                                              *YES                                                       **YES


* Nokia AV Cable Included

** Manufacturer Dependent

  • Weight: 18 grams
  • Dimensions (LxWxT): 19mm x 27mm x 15mm
  • Cable length: 1200mm
  • Operating keys: Answer/end key, volume control


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